Our Predictive Maintenance Services

Our Predictive Maintenance Services

Our Condition Monitoring services are aimed at keeping plant operations at peak efficiency using the full range of predictive as well as proactive technologies and procedures.

Vibration Analysis and Routine Surveys

Vibration Analysis is a predictive maintenance method which allows early problem detection in rotating machinery, such as: gearboxes, fans, shafts, motors, compressors, pumps, mixers, driers - in fact, almost any type of active machinery.

Vibration Analysis will identify component faults - such as defective bearings & misalignment - and enable you to take maintenance action before a failure in service brings your plant to a halt. Siralcepoh's team of engineers provide wide coverage of customer sites and use the most technologically advanced data collectors to capture vibration readings from plant machinery. This data is uploaded and our team of engineering experts analyses and report on thousands of vibrations readings every year.

Siralcepoh Engineers are fully Trained and Certified by Vibration Institute and Mobius Institute Board of Certification, who are accredited certification bodies authorized to provide certification in accordance with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2. Can be made available for inspection on request.
Siralcepoh's vibration analysis services include Site:
     – Visits for expert data collection & analysis
     – Supply of data collection equipment and accessories
     – Consultation on practical wireless remote monitoring solutions
     – Design & Installation of hard-wired monitoring systems

Siralcepoh provide customers with a report that clearly and concisely presents the results of our vibration analysis surveys. We provide relevant information to maintenance personnel that not only indicate the 'as is' condition of your plant, but which also recommends areas for root-cause and process improvements.

Oil Analysis

Analysis of lubricating oils, greases and hydraulic fluids gives a fast and accurate picture of what is happening inside turbines, power generators, gearboxes, compressors, hydraulic systems and other critical machines. It also yields vital information on the condition of the oil itself. Effective monitoring of lube oil allows maintenance to be scheduled efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage to expensive plants and avoiding unscheduled downtime. Our testing combines the expertise of diagnostic engineers with the latest techniques for analyzing lubricating oils, greases and hydraulic fluids. Both the physical and chemical characteristics of oil are checked, yielding information on the wear of metals and the oil itself. Our oil analysis lab provides the following testing capabilities:

✓  Water content
✓  Analytical Ferrography
✓  Particle Counting
✓  Viscosity/Viscosity Index
✓  Foaming
✓  Flash Point
✓  Fuel Dilution
✓  Glycol
✓  Soot
✓  Dielectric & Chemical Index
✓  Oxidation/Nitration
✓  Total Acid Number (TAN)
✓  Total Base Number (TBN)
✓  Additive Depletion.

We are able to carry out sampling for you, or can provide inexpensive easy-to-use kits. Samples can then be mailed to our laboratory, with routine turnaround within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of the sample. Turnaround time can be reduced for urgent samples.

Infrared Thermography Services

Siralcepoh Nigeria Limited use only qualified personnel to carry out Infrared Thermography Surveys. By using top of the range infrared thermal imaging equipment and software, we can identify faults in a variety of applications, the most popular being Electrical, Refractory, Mechanical and Buildings. This makes infrared thermography thermal imaging the ideal non-intrusive, predictive maintenance tool for identifying a multitude of faults across most aspects of manufacturing and design.

Infrared Thermography Applications

Below is an outline of some of the applications that can be surveyed with Infrared Thermography. In the sidebar, there is a downloadable report including samples of typical infrared thermography thermal images

• Pre-shutdown inspections

✓  Loose connections

✓  Busbars

• Substations inspections

• Overloaded/underrated cables

• Motor inspections

✓  Brush gear

• Bearings

• Misalignment

• Worn, mismatched belts

• Thermal heat loss

✓  Missing or damaged insulation

✓  Air leakage

✓  Flat roof leak detection

Ultrasonic/Ultrasound Services

Our ultrasonic survey senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. Our ultrasonic meter electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the meter. Heterodyning works the same as a radio in that it accurately transforms the sounds so that they are easily recognised and understood. Our Ultrasonic leak detection survey is extremely broad based. Sensing ultrasounds generated by a leak, our ultrasonic survey can be used to locate leaks in pressurised systems regardless of the type of gas used. This is especially beneficial in areas where there is a saturation of gases or where a wide variety of gases, pressurised vessels and vacuum processes exist.

Our Ultrasonic survey meter can also be used to detect flow turbulence problems that occur in fluid power, water or steam systems. Identification of a problem will then involve the replacing of defective parts or redesigning a system. Our Ultrasonic surveys can assist thermography on high voltage systems as they are able to detect discharges that occur due to air being ionised either through defective connections, defective contacts or loading. Time and convenience are also improved with ultrasonic detection since equipment may be tested while on-line. The advantages of ultrasonic survey technologies are simple to understand.

Ultrasound is a high frequency, short wave signal. When compared with the sounds that humans can hear, the size of the sound waves is extremely small. Siralcepoh offer the service of an engineer to tour a site with a client´s representative and identify with a label and / or digital photograph. A hand-written report is submitted before leaving site and a fully bound report will follow shortly.

Electric Motor Winding Testing

An Electrical Motor Winding Test by Siralcepoh will detect turn to turn insulation failures far in advance of an electrical breakdown - giving you the power to confirm faults and take preventative action. Cost effective, non-destructive testing of:-

• Motors (AC & DC)

• Generators

• Transformers

Conducted onsite, by specialist Condition Monitoring engineers, Siralcepoh’s Electric Motor Test & comprehensive report gives you the power to:-

• Detect problems in motors ahead of failure.

• Conduct Quality acceptance testing of new or rewound motors.

• Confirm winding faults before removing motors from service.

• Perform on-site motor testing in industrial environments normally hazardous to electronic test instruments    Check the integrity of inventory replacement units.

Service Includes: -

• Surge Test of inter-turn insulation between turns, coils & phases to detect shorted turns.

• DC Hipot Test 1000v + 2 (nominal voltage charge) of ground wall insulation.

• Megohmmeter Test of winding to ground voltage resistance.

• Step Voltage Test to detect high leakage current & earthing problems.

• P.I. Test of Insulation conformance to IEEE 43 guidelines.

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